Family Tents

Family Tents

What are Family Tents?

They are basically tents specially designed for family camping. A family comes with unique needs. Everything matters, from the size of the family to the age of the children. You want to be comfortable enough to enjoy the camping adventure, and ensure everyone is safe.

Take the size for instance. The larger it is, the more camping gear it can hold. But you don’t want one that is too large to fit in your car, or set up on the campsite. You also don’t want one that is too small that you and your kids are crouched up as you sleep. The family tent is a mobile home. You should consider if you’ll be staying a couple of nights or shifting from one campsite to another.

With family tents, you should also look at the tent bedrooms and layout. First, tents with more bedrooms come with more storage space. Secondly, the kids don’t really want to sleep in the same space with the parents. It’s not that they don’t love you, it’s just how they are. The children’s age comes into play here. If you have young children (babies up to preschool), you should get a tent whose parent’s bedroom is next to the child, and the divider between the two rooms can unzip. This will help you get the child to sleep without disturbance. In addition, you can easily unzip the divider at night and reassure the child if they are startled awake, without you having to leave your sleeping bag. The more kids you have, the more the bedrooms you’ll need. Children in high school want a little more independence. They don’t really want a dividing wall that’s easy to remove.

There should be ample living space. When looking at this, picture where everyone’s bags and belongings are going to be placed. Is there enough space to have your meals and play games in case it’s raining outside? The tent should also be well ventilated and have an entrance that is easy to use.