Family Camping Tents

These days, finding the right family camping tents for any family outing can be a headache for a first-time shopper. The problem is that given the ever increasing demand, there are so many family camping tent brands and models in the market that it becomes pretty much impossible to settle on what you want. Below is a list of the top five brands and models in the market that you can never go wrong with. They are the perfect blend of space, strength, aesthetics and convenience. This way, you as the shopper will at least have a clue where to start in you hunt for the perfect family camping tent for your family.

1. Camp Feuer 2 Compartment Family Tent

Camp Feuer is without a doubt one of the best camping and outdoor activity gear brands in the market. It is therefore no surprise that one of their tents is considered to be among the top family camping tents in the market. One of the most amazing features of this four person tent is the fact that it has two compartments. This way, the parents get their own privacy and space from the young ones during the trip. Another great feature is the fact that the wall at the entrance is movable and can either be used to increase the space within the adjacent compartment of increase the front porch space for lounging outside. The 13 kg tent comes with its own carry bag for convenience during the trip and travelling.

2. Skandika Daytona Family Tent

This tent is ideal for you if you have a huge family of up to six people or if you have a small one and you want as much space as you can get. It is very easy to set up with its color coded poles and slots which make it a fun family activity to get the whole thing ready for use. It has a sturdy design with fiberglass support poles making it possible to use it even in harsh weather and unfriendly terrain. Other features include the handy hook inside the tent for hanging your lamp or torch and the mosquito netting to keep out the annoying bugs.

3. Coleman Waterfall Family Tent

This family camping tent can comfortably accommodate up to five people. It has a unique design that combines both the tunnel and dome styles for maximum comfort and stability. The tent itself is made from polyester which promotes ventilation in the tent. The ground sheet on the other hand is made from polyethene material and keeps out water from the ground. The entrance flap can be converted into an outdoor porch for added comfort as well as convenience.

4. Vango Apollo 500

The five-person family camping tent has a tunnel shaped design that is meant to increase the stability of the entire set-up. The tent can either be pitched as a single sleeping space or with compartments for added privacy. The tent also includes the brands unique Vango Airzone Ventilation system that ensures that there is always fresh air within the tent no matter how many people are inside. The polyester material making the main tent body is reinforced with Protex ® to make it waterproof which eliminates the need to get a rain sheet to cover the tent in case there is a downpour.

Bottom Line

It goes without saying that with the unique designs and the amazing features that every one of the tents described above deserves a spot on the list. So if you are a parent looking for family camping tents to complete your family adventure then you can be sure that settling for any of the ones described above is a choice that you are not very likely to regret.

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