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Important Part of Camping is Shower Camping

shower camping

Do you think about shower camping when you are in a camp? Its really an important part of camping life. How?

Camping is the best way to get in direct touch with nature. But there are some things that everyone should know before deciding set off to this adventure. First of all, you need to think carefully about whether you are the type of a person who can camp. What you definitely need to know is that during the camping. You accept the conditions of life that you may not have experienced before.

shower camping

People who frequently camp are accustomed to all of those things. However, the problem arises when you first go camping and realize that nothing will look like home. The way you sleep and shower will surely be the things that will be most difficult to get used to. Still, many things are invented for the needs of the campers. To make their stay in nature pleasant.

What is Shower Camping?

Free camping is a term that is used for an indefinite site. Where campers spend all the time in nature completely independent of the location and any rules and limitations. This way of camping is probably the most widespread. On contrary to the legally regulated space in which the campsite activity is carried out for 24 hours. Offering accommodation for its guests where they enjoy certain benefits.

However, free camping is practiced by mountaineers, cyclists, various adventurers, fishermen, or more precisely. And all those who do not want even the smallest restriction on the rules that are imposed in the regular camp. This is the basic type of camping. For which you will need some camping experience and equipment for an uninterrupted stay in nature. In turn, it is certainly the most exciting and adventurous feeling that will completely bind. You to nature. And I’m sure you will not be easy to leave.

You Should Know…

Generally speaking, there are certain things that you should know if you want to maintain your personal hygiene while camping.

  • Don’t forget your toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. These are probably some of the most important things to bring since you will perform tooth brushing several times a day. For this purpose, bring one bigger bottle of water and use it just for that. If you stay only a couple of days, this will be more than enough.
  • Hand sanitizer is very important. You will not have the luxury of washing your hands all the time, but that does not mean that you should not keep them clean. Especially after bathroom or before eating or cooking. Additionally, you should bring baby wipes or any other wet wipes. These may serve multiple purposes.
  • Regarding the clothes, you should bring several outfits, but nothing much and nothing that is not comfortable and convenient for the purpose. You should also pay attention to bring only the clothes that can be easily washed.
  • The general advice is; whatever you use and whatever you take with yourself, make sure to be unscented, since you definitely don’t want to attract bugs and mosquito.

Easy Tips for Camping Shower

However, the most important thing to think of when camping is a tankless hot water heater. These are probably the essentials to bring when you camp, and if you are an experienced camper, you will exactly know what kind of heaters you need. There are many reasons why you should think of buying the heater if you still haven’t bought one.

To start with, the most important feature is hot water on demand. The fact that you have decided to spend some days outdoor does not mean that you should sacrifice and use cold water when showering. Best portable water heater will provide you with an amazing outdoor experience and a relaxing shower.

Another reason to think about getting one is the fact that, even though it does not look so, the portable heater is sleek and lightweight. This is probably one of the most crucial advantages since many people simply hate bringing lots of things while camping. These tankless hot water heaters are quite easy and convenient to bring wherever you are going.

Portable Heater for Shower Camping

Energy-efficiency is one more reason to think about buying a portable heater. Electricity supply is not something that you are like to have in your campsite, so you need to think about this as well. These heaters require minimal energy and can operate normally in such cases, so you can enjoy thehot water without needing too much.

However, not every portable heater is the same, and you should bear in mind these differences when buying one. The main difference is the actual source of power, and there can be a gas heater, electric heater, and solar heater. All of them have certain advantages, and if you decide to purchase the gas heater, you should know that this is usually the choice of numerous campers.

However, this is a little bit expensive, since they are powered by kerosene or propane, which are generally costly options. Electric heaters are a little bit cheaper, and if the price dictates your choice, this is probably the best choice. Solar heaters are the simplest from the three since you just leave it under the heat of the sun. After a couple of hours, they are ready for usage.

If you don’t have a lot of experience in camping and camping supplies, don’t forget that the Internet is full of sources and reviews and that it can help you decide to choose the best water heater. Additionally, you should not purchase anything before you contact people that have already got one for themselves. Personal experiences
are always the best and should be taken into consideration. However, some websites such as tankless Water Heater Guy, Best Water Heater Reviews, Walk in Showers, and Camping World offer even the tiniest details regarding the heaters, so don’t forget to visit them.


In the end, camping should be the most amazing experience in your life, and you should definitely do anything possible to make it so. If you organize everything and if you plan everything in advance, you will be able to enjoy the nature and time spent with your friends, without stressing about things such as showering or personal hygiene in general.

Top 5 Tent Tips to Take Care Your Tent

Tent Tips

This article show you top 5 tent tips that will guide you how to warm up your tent after finishing your camping. So if you want to follow these 5 tips, your tent will get long life & you can use it one more time.

Tent Tips

Do you want to make your tent last? Taking care of your tent will be the difference between it lasting for one trip, or many. It shelters you at night, protects you from the weather elements, and keeps you safe from bugs. In order to ensure that it continues doing so for many more camping trips, you’ll need to properly maintain it. Here are 5 tent tips to show you how.

Quickly Fix Rips and Tears

As soon as the canvas of your tent gets a tear, fix it up even if you aren’t worried about rain water getting in. If left unchecked the damage will spread. You can easily fix it using a needle and thread, or using duct tape. However, the best option is using the repair tape specifically designed for canvas. You can find it in repair kits that go with camping gear. Taking care of the minor problems as soon as they occur prevents a buildup of damage that will render your tent unusable.

Treat It Like Your Home

Do you walk around your house with muddy shoes? Of course not. Do the same for the tent when you’re outdoors. It will protect the floor and allow it to last longer. It’s not just about the muddy shoes. The hard soles of the hiking boots can do loads of damage to the tent floor. Avoid using them when you’re moving around in the tent.

Clean Off the Stains

After your camping trip, inspect your tent. It can have got anything from bird droppings to grass and red berry stains. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when cleaning to remove the stains. Usually water and mild soap are all that’s needed. Do not use laundry detergents, spot removers or bleach, since they can damage the tent, which affects its water repelling abilities. Also never use a washing machine to clean the tent.

Store the Tent in a Safe Place

Find an indoor storage area or closet to keep the tent. Before storing it, ensure that it’s fully dry and aired. If you put it away whilst it’s still moist, mold spores will grow on its canvas leaving it smelling damp – in addition, the mold can damage the waterproof coating on the skin. Leaving a cotton tent damp for a long time can cause the fabric to rot away and form holes. Always store the tent in a cold and dry environment since high temperature can harm tent fabric. If you keep it in your barn you it might house mice and bugs which will destroy it. Wherever you choose to store the tent, ensure that it’s packed loosely to enable air to circulate.

Waterproof the Tent

You should ensure that your tent is always waterproof. Get yourself some all-purpose waterproofing spray that’s suitable for use on tent walls and roofs. You can reproof it regularly, especially after it’s been in a few downpours. A typical sign that your tent needs reproofing is when condensation starts to build up more on the inside, or when rain doesn’t slide off the surface of the tent in proper droplets. A fresh coat of spray will keep it performing optimally. After spraying, ensure that it dries well before repacking.

And What’s More about Tent Tips…?

Properly taking care of your camping tent will lengthen its life and save you replacement costs. It will ensure that you can use it on frequent camping trips without worrying about its performance. Follow these tent tips to protect your investment.