Best Tent

How to Find Out The Best Tent For Camping?

The outdoors are great. Whether you’re camping with the entire family, some old friends, a special someone, or just yourself, you can have an awesome adventure. But none of that will happen unless you have the right shelter. Picking out a tent will be the difference between enjoying your camping trip or being frustrated. Here is how to find the best tent that works for you.

Check the Best Tent Sleep Capacity

How many people are you going camping with? The first place to look is your group’s size, and whether you need extra space for gear, or if you plan to bring your pet along. Does you group have large adults or small kids? Also think about your camping needs. How do you sleep a night? Do you toss and turn? Are you claustrophobic? Perhaps you need more elbow room at night. It’s always best to upsize your tent capacity by 1 person.

Look at the Tent’s Seasonality

At what time of the year are you going camping? 3-season tents are lightweight shelters that designed for the spring, summer and fall. They can withstand downpours, but are not suitable for violent storms and heavy snow. The 4-season tents on the other hand are designed to stand up to fierce winds and snow loads. They can be used all year round. However, they use heavier fabric and more poles compared to the 3-season tents.

Tent Style

Here there are 3 general options:
Cabin-Style Tents: Their walls are almost vertical in order to optimize on the height and space available. Some tents even come with room dividers, awnings and vestibule doors.
Dome-Style Tents: Their center height is the tallest section, and the walls slope outwards. This gives them superior strength and the ability to withstand storms and gales.
Tunnel Tents: The poles are arched over in a tunnel shape. They are free-standing, but will need to be pegged down.

Go for Comfort

You want a tent you can stand and move around in. You also want to sleep without crouching. Compare the tent height and floor area to the people who will be using the tent.

Adequate Rainfly

The rainfly is a separate waterproof over that’s designed to fit over the tent’s roof. You’ll use it whenever there’s a downpour, or when you want some extra warmth. Roof-only rainflies will give you more visibility and still offer some protection from the rain. Full-coverage rainflies will give you maximum protection from the weather elements.

Proper Ventilation

Breathing, wet clothing and general humidity can cause condensation to form inside your tent. Thus the tent needs to be properly aerated. The larger the mesh panels, the better the ventilation.

What’s Our Final Thought?

When picking out the best tent for camping, it all comes to who you’re going with, and where you’re going. Budget is a key factor when making the purchase choice. However, it shouldn’t the determinant. First go through all the features you’ll need to make your camping trip a success, then compare prices of the tents that are up to the task.