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We are Pick My Tent team. If you love to go for a camping, hiking, traveling, you are welcome to this website. In this website, you can read tips & tricks, reviews, informative articles, based on camping, traveling & related so on. This about us page will give you a summary information about our Pick My Tent website.

Mainly we are writing here about tent. This is a very important gear of camping. If you failed to choose a best family tent, you will lost everything because the reality. So it’s really important to choose a right tent for your camping life. Yes, we are able to help you to find out a best camping tent that you will choice.

We are from Bronx, New York, United States of America. If you want to go for camping with us, you are welcome. Most of time we go for a camping with a big team. You can join us if you wish. You can send your joining request here: Contact Us.

About Us of Pick My Tent

Also we write here our experience after back from a successful camping. So if you want to share your camping life experience with our readers, you can do it. Better, write the experience as story then send us. Remember, this story must be unique & of-course minimum 1000 words article. You must send us related photographs of your camping.

We love to go for a camping with our family. This is more fun & enjoyable. Most of time, our kids also go with us & they make fun unlimited. This is really fantastic so we do it always.

You can request us for a special any writing but be sure in our website has no the topic you wanted to read. If the topic already there, we will not response your mail. So be sure before write us.

We love to read your comments, your e-mail. So after read any article in this website, you can leave a comment. Or write us to know more or inspire us.

We will update this page time to time. Stay connected with us and enjoy the life. Thanks many to read our about us page.